Zoozoo : The New Vodafone Commercial

The TV & the ad world have been gripped by ZooZoo Mania, the cute white , egg headed alien like Creatures featured in the Hit new Vodafone Ad series.



You must have noticed those cute and funny and seemingly animated characters  which many mistake for alien like creatures in the advertisements of Vodafone on tv during IPL 2 Season.

One distinct feature of these characters is the white overall’s , fat bellies, disproportional heads and limbs, and dots for eyes n mouths.

But as a matter of fact, these Zoozoo characters which are used for ads of various value added services of Vodafone are infact Real people dressed up in costumes.

In a first in the indian advertising industry, Ad film maker Prakash  Varma [ Nirvana Films] chose a unique and innovative concept straight out of the book i.e. focusing on the product and the services being offerred rather than getting lots of glam and glitz who actually take away  the ad’s focus towards themselves. Varma who has directed these commercials and reveals that the Zoozoos were a big challenge to create, and mostly women stage actors and occasionally children were used .

The important aspect is that since Zoozoos speak gibberish and walk in a particularly funny way which mimics humans in a variety of ways often exaggerating what real people do. The practical aspects of how they will move, talk, gesticulate and emote were very important. Hence, costume design and artwork were crucial elements.

zoozoos star

zoozoo's star

The backdrop of these ads is fairly simple to avoid attention being diverted to other subjects.

Such is the craze with Zoozoo that Vodafone ads are among the most watched videos on YouTube and there are over 50,000 Zoozoo fans on Facebook.

Vodafone has been innovative in its ad campaigns ,  every1 still remembers the cute lil pug in the Hutch ads which ” goes wherever you go “.

In constrast to Airtel which offers better services and is a much larger market share holder and bigger player, Vodafone inspite of being a new entrant has done something which people are actually taking notice of.

We do remember the Airtel jingle which A.R. Rahman composed which was very very hummable , but apart from that getting stars / celebs to do ads doesnt work wonders for products at the end of the day, unless they are cosmetics.

lolz i guess many corporates will want to skin me alive now…


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  1. In the end evrything boild down to the product.If your product is not great thee even several zoozoos cant save you.It will end up winning creativity awards and accolades but the larger impact has to be seen.Airtel had AR Rahamns music and a good product.I wish I could say the same about vodafone.
    Yeah.Very true , stars wont matter anymore.The consumer is smart now.Or lets say smarter.
    Visit my Blog.
    Arun Rafi

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