Rock On !! Music Review- Farhan Akhtar’s debut Album


Hello folks

Its been quite a while since i last posted, partly because i had nothing to post and partly because i didnt bother.Anyways blogging is all about writing about something when u feel you have to……right .So welcome back dudes n dudettes and all the new junta in here.

Was recently watching TV and heard this song ” Rock On” from the new movie Rock On, now i dont know how many of you have watched Lakshya { yeah the hrithik roshan starrer ,Farhan Akhtar’s kargil flick} and how many of you remember the scene where a really hard cliff rock climbing is shown.So is u remember well, there is this rock band playing in the background score.

Now i guess Farhan Akhtar decided to make his film debut, he was sure he didnt want it look phoney…so he decided to sing the songs himself[ well a few of them atleast] after all the movie was about a group of guys, a rock band and all… so most of the actors cxan actually play those instruments which i think is a first in any Hindi Movie .

You must be wondering wat the heck…kya faltu me story sunai shuru me…. actually i’m sure farhan akhtar liked the background score from the ascent wala scene in Lakshya and so he put a song with that and trust me it does sound pretty great.

The second song is ” Socha hai ” which has the that familiar rock badn tinge to it, which if u’ve been to gig’s and all back in campuses… or rather the present day campuses.

The lyrics are hummable too, but the song has got this new original feel which bands from pakistan and some singles from India have been delighting us with.
The movie is all about 4 friends who have ambitions of making it big as a rock band…unforeseen events and personal problems cause them to ditch the dream and proceed, but then there comes this stage in life when all of us realize that we get our life just this once and hence we want out live our lives to the fullest, they gang back together and start jamming again.

The ” bindaas ” carefree attitude of the rockers in even when they are faced with choosing either their careers or music is well etched, and constant dilemma that people have { choosing over having a great fun filled life vs Career and money} is the theme of the film which i think everyone can relate to, and its also about friendship and life and dosti yaari …so its definitely worth a watch.

So all the very Best to The Rock ON Team ..

I do think that this movie could be a Dil Chahta hai -2 , in terms that it could lead to loads of junta going on roadtrips and rock bands and buddy gangs , funky accessories , new hair do’s and stuff like that….ciao..

Check both the songs out.


p.s:- I cant seem to upload the songs, can anyone tell me how this is done on wordpress.i mean when i try to upload audio [ i dont get the option of uploading mp3 or wma files.



  1. you can’t upload video or audio from your comp unless you upgrade your account 😦 you can however, link to a URL. so if you want a particular song to play, go to Radio Sargam or a similar site, find the song, and link it. it’ll show up as an audio file in your post.

  2. I do agree that Dil Chahta hai is now a cult, and Farhan Akhtar will always be compared with that in whatever he does. I also think Frahan is a very committed professional, and which is why he took up singing. Acting is not just about entertaining people , it’s also about living that character…way to go Farhan, Rock On! Cheers

  3. @ Amrita —
    Thanks for the info….

    ohh thats sad…this is really pathetic on wordpress’s part no to allow uploading files from ur front end. 😦

    @ kkhanna2020 —

    Welcome to my blog. Farhan Akhtar left a lasting mark on the Gen X when made Dil Chahta hai, at a time when most movies were remakes of South Indian movies or hollywood flicks, he tried being unique [ though the concept of roadtrips wasnt new altogether].The way he presented Goa and friendship was such that everyone wished they could undertake the journey themselves.

    No wonder when he makes his acting / Singing Debut people have already assumed that this is going to be the next big thing and i hope it is.

    Well attaining a cult status depends upon the kind of junta who’s watching the film, we all know what RDB did back in India [ Anti reservation protests / AIIMS doctors and interns out on the streets , Youth movement ] . That is why this seems to be worth waiting for.

    Do u blog….?? Please post the link where you blog.

  4. Its a really amazing movie. I think its gonna rock our generation and create a new movie genre all together and a major attraction for the youth. I was so impressed yesterday, after seeing the movie. I couldn’t control but blog about it.
    Here’s the link

  5. Good review mate 🙂
    I have reviewed the movie too. You can check out my blog

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