10 Advantages of not having a girlfriend

By the very look of this post you’d say this is penned or rather keyed in by some dumb ass moron ,lame loser , even a nerd  may be, well let me clarify things a bit……..i’m straight [ yes i do get the hots for beautiful women and attractive women] and no i’ve not broken up with anyone or anything, infact i know by declaring that i’ve never had a girl friend , i’m doing the lamest and most loser things to do in most parts of the world, but this being my blog…i dont give a damn…. 😀 read between the lines : i tried like hell, but the grapes are sour…!!!

So this is to all the “STAGS” out there like me who enjoy their lives as they wish and also to the female readers,who are understanding enough that they even bother to check this out[so please take this in light humour :)]…here goes:-

1. Save Time :-  The biggest truth, you can have the whole of ur time for urselves, no more time spent on shopping or listening to coochie talk….:)..or picking her up, and did we forget the shopping sport : statutory warning– shopping is not a sport and it is injurious to ur wallet.
2. Can sleep well:-  yeah practially speaking i’ve seen friends of mine getting up at 2 am to pick these calls…plus when u wrk more in the night and then ur girl calls u up in the morning to give u those sweet wakeup calls ….when all u want is to be bloody left alone to doze off for another hour or so.
3. Don’t have to worry about missed calls :- 10 missed calls == hallelujah……the devil save ur arse….coz some 1 is very very angry.
4. Don’t have to worry about how you look :- pajamas to the mall–who cares, not shaven for a week= not to worry, need a haircut– dont be silly.
5. Can eat in any restaurant :- better order pizza at ur place and do the  “dale raho==not getting up the entire day”..or have milk and biscuits or dont even bother about doing anything at all…..
6. No boring SMS in the middle of the night :- couples are like chocolates made in factory , everything seems alike but each one ends up differently……..kya…??? i bet u didnt get it ……right???? not to worry neither did i…. 😀
7. Can talk to all girls :- i’ll give u the killer alterantive, u can stare at all gals….& i mean it..those bombshell gals u just saw at the movies, the girl in the elevator, the one next to ur cubicle, the lass in ur class, ur neighbourhood chick……everything goes ……
8. You wont hear “Awww, you are dull today:- am i now…?? wat crap…this makes me feel like i’m chicken….like i’m the side dish to a certain main course of a 3 course meal….dont u…???
9. Can go anywhere with anyone :- remember those boy’s night outs..okay i need’nt be gender specific…remember those gals night out ….okay okay remember the friends party….or the roadtrip with colleages.
10. Don’t have to listen to same old crap jokes :- i cud’nt find any dumb jokes to fit in here, so if u have anything  good enough, do let me know.

Bonus:You will live a longer life….so enjoy folks……

As a courtsey to all folks who’re not so single , i think i may have to do a ” 10 advantages of having a girlfriend” post sometime.

Happy New Year all…….enjoy…




  1. Oh come on! Not all girls are like this…looks like you’ve met really stupid ones 😛 Even I can do a retaliatory post talking about 10 Reasons for Not Having a BF.

    Happy New year to you too 🙂

  2. @ ruhi:
    this post is not to be taken seriously..is just another way of making ppl smile over the new year [ i ought to have put up this message ]
    Though the facts mentioned here are true :D, and its not me who’s saying this, data’s been collected from all sorts of ppl.
    And about meeting gals….i mostly meet gals who are either already taken[ their beau gives me the “get lost” look]……or dont meet any1 at all….:D

    Maybe I’ll do a post on advantages of having a GF for every1 who is’nt single , and u r welcome to send me ur 10 advantages. Now no retaliatory posts i hope…:D

    happy new year…:)

  3. couples are like chocolates made in factory
    HAHAHHA! if some chick sends that to you in the middle of the night, she’s seriously psycho 😀
    Happy New Year, saaki!

  4. @ Amrita :

    well that crap was the most dumb thing i cud come up with….seen friends of mine gettng much more weider ones…. 😀

    Yeah not psycho……..super pyscho…. 😀

  5. 1. Save Time

    Absolutely. I save all the time…………. to spend with my wife 😛
    (I think only Ruhi would get the intended meaning)

  6. Bipin-
    Dude …the Oscar for the best timing….. 😀

    Yep nothing about having a wife was ever mentioned in the post….:D
    so ur amongst the lucky ones i guess…..!!!!! 🙂

  7. yaar , where is the most important point ..save money …
    u can save loads of money for some usefull purpose 😛

  8. @ Arvind:-

    Dude i guess i left it out on purpose , so that my chances are not ompletely ruined.. . 😀

    waise true it is my friend.
    thanks for showing up here.

  9. its k… it was a nice post for all those bachelors out there.. 😛

  10. hahahaha….
    Yeah stags ahoy…..

  11. Hey Saaki,

    First thanks for commenting in my blog. That’s how I got your blog address. Must say … you’re pretty damn impressive yaar.
    I apologize for not reading much here. In fact this is the first post I’ve read of yours and … well, I must say, I have an eye for the kickass post! 😛

    Anyways, lemme tell you I’m a girl. I’m single and I love to be single. My reasons… surprisingly pretty similar to your not having a gf.
    Actually…. same as all!!!

    So, great collection. Keep it up!

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