Somewhere on a deserted National Highway….A Weird n Unique Birthday

dsc00222.jpgWe often watch movies involving roadtrips and say ” i wish i  could just drop all this stupid stuff i’m stuck in and just take a break and get away.”

Well i just got lucky enough…had a friend’s wedding….which i was more than glad to attend..because i used to hate weddings as a kid….i found them simply too melodramatic and boring….and so  had shied away from weddings for a really long time, but that was 7-8 years ago.And in case any of u folks are wondering….i’m just 23 for godsake…and totally uninterested in  marriage……[ and moreover i’d have to find a female in the 1st place…] 😀

And anyways i could’nt dare say “NO ” to my pal and get shot for not coming….LOL….and add to that, this was going to be a College reunion of i could’nt escape…and moreover i did’nt want to this time. 

i was dreading that this would be another of those boring trips , when u spent the majority of ur time dozing off…

enroute our destination…                                dsc00223.jpg                      dsc00220.jpg 

dsc00215.jpgand thats when one of my pals suddenly figured out that that i was going to turn 23 on the way back i.e. at midnight….and evry1 was eager to get our asses moving…me included.

I got a few really gr8 pictures along the way …and who on earth says India is not beautiful, and is always filled with filth and dirt….well those who say so….u guys are wrong..Blatantly wrong…!!!

Okay so i’ll cut the crap and move with post…..well the wedding was a big hit….considering that i was being a whiny ass earlier….but actually  i really enjoyed the whole thing…The DJ being very good, food and ofcourse

 Coming back to the post….well we started out in the morning [ Yeah i did take a bath..i was going to a wedding for christsake…LOl 😀 ] was a 7 hour drive…took just 4 breaks ……and yeah we found this little stream by one of the highways….i was thinking of taking a dip…but that would have meant another delay. Anyways there was also this ” spot the hottest girl around contest”  😀

whoever managed to take a snap of the most beautiful lass seen while on the road…without us having to stop would win…and obviously since i was not careful enough…i did’nt win…LOl…so me n my buddy had to treat the winner to a beer..

Post breakfast..we managed to take a few snaps….we had almost a year of catching up to do..since all of us college buddies had’nt seen each other for a year… the blaring music was replaced with some music which u listen to when on long drives…one of these tracks being a few ghazals ” Koi Fariyad ” was played a lil too many times……interspersed with slow tracks by The Corrs and Maksim and the Summer of 69…okay we were all nostalgic about college…


We stopped for quick lunch….but eventually ended up eating a unusually large lunch…i’m must tell u…after having travelled India north to south and all over central India and the east…[onlyBihar n W Bengal]..that some of the most delicious food is served in numerous roadside dhabas [ like the one above ] which u find in the middle of nowhere on the National and state Highways. Just so that u people know, we initally had panner tandoori masala and matar malai was finger lickin good [thank u for the tagline KFC]….but could’nt help ourselves and asked for kadhai Paneer….all this coupled with roti’s , butter and mint chutney was like heaven. When u’ve stayed away from Mom’s food for 4-5 years..and one day get food like this…u just cant help urselves…i know u must have started cursing me…for mentioning all that….and feeling hungry by now….!!!!!

All 3 of us were overloaded …but we got half a dozen aloo paranthe packed for the road …… case we got hungry again!!!!! …..which we obviously were by another 2 hours….this was when we had the big fight…..ofcourse…evry1 wanted to doze off…but some1 had to stay awake, some1 had to drive…. but after a meal like that ….u feel like u wanna hit the bed instantaneously.

Okay i was the one who lost the toss and remained awake …..but i took this opportunity in finishing off half the aloo paranthe with pickles…..the poor blokes who woke up later looked at me with threatning eyes… but were told to piss off….coz i was the one who had to stay up and drive….right ppl…???  lol

we got to the wedding by 2 pm.I wont go into the wedding details except that we did eventully manage to eat the feast…coz after dancing like anything for 3 hours in the “baraat”  procession i managed to digest a lot… 🙂

The wedding over….we all bid farewell to the new couple ….our chum and the new bhabhi…and yeah i was the one who was given the task of handing the groom the contraceptives….[ Thank heavens , i did’nt mention any names here..] or i would have been killed…..surely.

We left at 11 pm…another pal of ours hitching a ride with us on the wayback….

I was really sleepy and dozed off[ having eaten like a fatso and dancing like an animal]… did the 3 others in the back..but then suddenly it was 12 a.m….

We parked by the side of the National Highway 3..fully deserted ….not even a light in sight except for the moon….and nothing available in a radius of 30 Kms….

So as was the norms in our Engg days…i  was dragged out …and given the birthday bombs[read kicks on the butt]…..My back and ass are still sore as i type this….

And since nothing else was available.. bottles of mineral water were emptied on my head….i’ll tell u here that the temperature outside was freezing….but who listens to the birthday boy anyways!!!!!!

But for a second i thought i was back in college in 2006….the parties , the friends, the mayhem and din….i felt nostalgic….but then there were rounds of ” Happy Birthday yaar/buddy/mate” , before the birthday bombs ” Round II”. 😀

But this was one of the best and most weirdest and wackiest things i’d ever done in a while…try this sometime….and i assure u…its really great…[ okay stop sniggering, i’m talking about the roadtrip birthday and not the kicks on the butt] 🙂

Then came the calls…..many of them…i really hate the guy who hit upon the idea of roaming….not that i spoke on the phone any less….The next stop was a small tea stall…and the b’day celebrations were nothing but a ” cut chai” at 3 a.m. and cold buicuits[ Nothing else was available] & the company of old buddies…and ofcourse the small fire for warming ur hands…  We got back at 5:30 a.m….and went to sleep.By the time i got up, it was a 1 pm…And i had to catch a train back to Delhi in 2 hours…so packed everything and a quick lunch later i was on the Train…the Intercity Exp. The rest of my 23rd B’day was spent on the train [ read uneventful n boring except for friends calling up and wishing me….i again hate the guy who introduced Roaming] till i disembarked at 7 a.m. the next morning…

Thinking for a moment …i went on a journey and came back older………now i’m no philosopher, so i leave u with this….so thats it for this post..





  1. Belated Happy B’day dude 🙂
    But you didn’t specify the details of journey -from where to where?

  2. @ Bipin :
    Thanx dude…

    Well i intentionally left it out…
    it was from Indore [M.P.] to Buldhana in Maharashtra…on NH3.

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