Bare beginnings…..

Hi all.

This is my first post on WordPress, not that i’m new to blogging altogether.

This is a blog that will be a bit different from the last one i had. So basically i’m starting all over again…

Just taking in the general feel of how different is this from the blogger for now..Posts will follows…

 Scratch scratch…hmmm i guess i’d rather import a few posts….wondering…!!!!

 ciao all…

p.s:- good to see that u have shown up..thanx a ton



  1. Congrats on giving up the deceptive workd of Google, & Welcome to WP 🙂
    Wordpress rocks dude!

  2. @ Bipin:

    yeah was bored of blogger…had enough of crap…

    wordpress surely rocks….

    Thanx for showing up..


  3. Ahh! Another one who crossed the bridge to WP! 🙂 Way to go man.

  4. @ Ruhi:

    yeah i liked WP a lot better than Blogger…enhanced features === easier blog management

    good to c u here…

  5. nice to know you saaki 😉

  6. hi opengiga tech,

    welcome to my blog.

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