Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows :Leaked Versions and Fan-Fiction

FACTS : When J.K.Rowling confirmed the title of her 7th and final installment in the Harry Potter Series as “Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows” on December 22 in 2006, the world was gripped in yet another Potter mania.

This can be guaged just from the mere number of hits sites like amazon.com recieved ,for giving eager fans a chance to reserve their copy of the final showdown to be released on 21st of July 2007.

More than anything this sparked off a string of Harry Potter Book 7 leaked version [mostly PDF’s and .doc files]all claiming to be rough drafts and unedited versions of Rowling’s original manuscript.

Within days of this rumour spreading like wildfire there were franctic internet searches by all die hard Potter fans worthy of their name to google and ask the internet of all leaked or drafted versions of the 7th and final book.

The phenomenon is unprecedented. There are at least 20 book-7 versions out there, some in Greek n Italian. Never before in the history of literature has an author been FAKED with this magnitude.Faking an author is a brand new phenomenon; we are talking “Potter Forgers!”.Well keeping in mind the kind of revenue that is underlying with the release of this whole book, this is taken to astronomical heights.And we’re talking about the final part of a Mega series that has been in Print and Cinema for over 10 years now.The hype is surreal.

I have been searching and reading all leaks of book 7 plus fanfics, okay i have to admit here , that initially i was’nt much of a Potter enthusiast myself, but not untill i started reading the different versions of the leaked books and some of the Fanfics , now i’m in.

 On hindsight i thought i’d post two very interesting and funny versions which i found during my long hours of potter fanfic xploration.No matter how much we may disregard these writers, but the fact remains that they have brought out the inherent values we wished some of our characters had and provided an alternative version of the same story.We will always be grateful to JKR for this series.

So go check these out….

Warning:- These are not for minors..yeah..so if any minors reading these..u do so on your own risk…


 and one that i found at phoenixsong.net



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