Is the Media Unchecked.???? Sensationalization of news.

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ” . Who will gaurd the gaurdians…!!!

The Indian media which is very much an important factor in our lives today .
But is it worth the reputation it carries….?

I was watching the election results for the UP assembly elections on some News channel over the weekend , and i was really blown over by what these so called gaurdians of the society [ our Indian media was reporting].

The report said that the ananlysis and dissection of the poll results can be easily summarized into who the “different vote banks” voted for this time around.

They had these detailed analysed results of who ‘the Dalit’s , the muslims and the hindu uppercasts’ had voted for.
They also seemed to depict evry thing using these pie charts and diagrams.. and had made up these reports for the different polled areas..

But what surpirsed me was the lengths at which these channels
[ Incidentally all of these channels had the same news item] had gone to diclose to the viewer the result of the so-called secret ballot in the assemly elections.

I was dumbfounded.. they kept on showing more reports of who the brahmins, dalits & muslims vote n why..and why mayawati has been winning etc etc…

Now c’mmon .. the one of most important questions here is , Why have secret ballots in the 1st place.. i mean if ur bent on showing who evry1 votes for.. by demarcating differences as hindus,muslim.. and uppercaste & lowercaste….then we really need to check this unhealthy journalism….becoz its promoting what India has sought to
eradicate for the past 60 years….we’ve been trying ot remove all this unequality.
I’m not against showing/displaying results based on regions, but why this split based on such a criterion…?

But hell no…. they wont allow it.. just for sake of sensationalizing a news report marked ” BREAKING NEWS “, they’ll just do about anything …to get those TRP’s.

Then the other day there was this report about Dayanidhi Maran [the cabinet minister]
being asked to resign by the DMK after a show cause notice and then being asked to come back..
There was so much of speculation about what he would do and what would happen to him..etc

and they also mentioned that this was a fight due to differences withing the family n all… an that the fight was between the sons and the cousins…. but that’s when u feel, that instead of reporting that there’s a fight going on between who’s gonna take the chair.. and the very obvious fact that .. Mr. Karunanidhi wanted his son to go places rather than his nephew….that was blatant….

But no the media would’nt dare to uncover such “in-the-face” truths.. all they want to report is on things which would further divide the masses .. by showing who the different sections are voting for… rather than reports of so n so won.. thereby prejudicing their minds…..
Are they scared of being manhandled .. or goons from the politicians … if they have such news items on theier channel.?

One cannot merely ignore the fact that viewing such reports .. can make significant changes in people’s preception of things, without them actually knowing it.

Is it not time time the media practised restraint..and put value into what it is actually reporting….
which again reminds me of the case of Abhishek – Aish marriaga saga….Okay people the world over get married, and many a fan would definitely wanna watch it for sure.. magar bless us.. why do such things make it to the main headlines…”The Breaking News ” section………..??

For godsake.. covering such a event is one things .. but doing dumb things and blowing things out of proportions is another .. thats where our media excels…kudos to that…hmmmm..what crap…bah

Get real folks.. and stop acting like the papparazzi…. its irksome to have such a media..which is sensationalizing news ..n creating news instead of just reporting it.

Kab tak jhelna padega ye sab..????

Believe us ,No 1 wants to watch all this junk shit.. n if ur more credible regarding ur reputation..or are as dependable as the fame, it might help in the long run…

tc all…


ps:- do let me know what u think after reading this.this is a real issue of concern.


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