Why do people blog…??? !!!!

Well i had a lil free time and so was wondering why do people write blogs…

we all have seen the immense crowds of bloggers on the web these days, every 2nd person ho uses the internet is now a blogger,and if u believe in what blog sites are doing to get more people blogging , it’ll be like a atleast a blog for a person…. as in for all those who are internet savvy.. or are potential internet users….

hmmmmm ……,

that is like millions of blogs in the blogosphere….i’m already feeling lost…

well may be its all for the better as they say…more blogs … more focus on issues we can hardly imagine to focus on…and that means … there’s a whole lot more to read than what we could earlier get our hands on….
now that is a cheerful prospect.aint it???

okay now back to square 1..lets analyze the question here..
why do people blog…….??? i guess its because :-

a)people want to vent their inner feelings, frustrations,joy,happiness,doubts and need solace in what others think about their views in general

b)everyone wants to let others know ,that they too can voice their opinions and thereby prove that they’ve got something inside the topmost anatomical feature of their body..

c)escape being clubbed into the “ignorant masses who dont blog and being considered unaware and internet blind ” in the 21st centure ,which is considered to be the digitally aware age.

d)possibly let others read their thoughts and thus gain a reputation for themselves, and get on the fast track wave of getting famous.

it might be also a combination of any one of the above reasons.

well for all those happy go lucky bloggers… it all hardly matters.. and i’d rather say it should’nt…

Ofcourse sometimes we marvel what at mere power wielded by blogs… for example during Operation Iraqi Freedom…there was no iraqi point of view available ..inspite of the hordes of reporters..there was a blog maintained by an iraqi national ..he was happy by the way the war progressed, and provided snaps etc..

that was the first time i thought i’d try myhand at blogging too.. but i see that it hasn’t been of much effect though,except for torturing the reader…[:)]

ne ways do let me know your ideas on this topic…please do leave me a comment if u found this good enough…

and believe me i’ll enjoy reading it much in the same way u would reading the blog

for now,
tc ………….


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