Memoirs of Wellington

well i’m new at writing a blog , coz this is my 1st time, but i’d definitely give it try ,so here goes…

so well I was back in class Xth [10th grade], at this place called wellington , in ooty, thats in T.N.  India, ( for those who good in geoghraphy), so yeah, well we had this really gr8 band of friends, doing evrything from sharing secrets, candies, lunch,gawking at gals,screwing up things & what not. We were 7 frnds all from different parts of the country & all really naive , small guys learning about everything from algebra & nanotech to sex & gals..

So we were this really good bunch of friends, ahhh i forgot , i’d better name the guys [Only the nicknames] ( sorry guys ….please dont kill me 4 this ) so there was  sam , shantaka , nik , bumpy ,  raka aka kata murga, chini , negi and parsu [me].

Thinking back now,teenage guys have a tendency to mob around each other rather than move about alone…something to do with the teenage boys pyschology sticking around together, going to each other’s place at lunch time,buying peppermints daily,watching porn..{well ok ..evry1’s been through those wonderful teenage years now} , devouring lunch….[ inspite of the large amounts we ate…evry1 was skinny..a few outright bony..LOL] , playing those action packed games like Commando and wolf and big daddy [ i guess games like Max Payne , Hitman , Halo n company were’nt designed back then] . Another of our all time favourite task on our daily things to do list was just..sit back n relax and do nothing at all…..its really not as easy as u might presume.

I really wonder now, but our consumption of peppermints was around 2 packets per guy, & imagine each packet having 10 mints, i guess we were solely responsible for the promotion of that particular commodity there . Any average school day would start with us reaching the school premises, shantaka , raka,nik, negi arriving early ,& me , sam , chini , bumpy being late as usual [somedays it would be the other way around ] & standing in the offenders line for punishments while, these guys sneered at us ofcourse,and we’d be muttering to ourselves that we’d get back @ them soon, and ofcourse showing them the middle finger….[:)]

On completion of our round of punishments  i.e.  either miss a class or stand in the sun, or run around the campus , or worse get ur parents, we’d get back tired & blabber endlessly about , how screwed the school is, & the way it was being run, then before we had our 1st class , it was a routine rite to open one of our lunch packs & finish evrything,
then came the classes, all 4 of them , we use to write down or listen to everything being taught with gr8 interest/Disinterest ,( u could make it out by the way guys looked at u) ,then came lunch. the usual hangout time,going to the mini market, which was a place near by, buy loads of goodies…mint and candies for instance…or simply sulk around if nebody flunked an xam..or something.Those were the good days when you could really understand the value of the 10 Rupee bill.

On the way back  chatting about girls was a must, not neccessarily about the ones in class, but any eager starlet seen on Late night TV the previous day wearing skimpy clothes and doing steamy scenes…now all those female readers out there..u’ll jsut nod ur heads and say….we always said all guys r the same…” Bloody dogs”. But u’ve got to keep growing up n hormones in ur mind before you scream …

I dont know if u’ve had this feeling of feeling xtremly sleepy just after lunch. Sleeping was’nt an option on the cards coz to be frank.. the class strenghth was around 30 , plus my seat was among the not so back benchers.. thats bcoz , the rest of group insisted on sitting in back permanently.. so i cud’nt even doze off….anyways my pitiable situation /suffering was soon put to an end as , the bell would ring and we’d have another free period .. notable among them being the games period .. which was an all time favourite…

folks:- i’m in a bit of hurry right now…. will continue with the post when i get more time…
ciao for now….



1 Comment

  1. oye parsu…
    good work…document all those days man…feels great to read about those good ol days….
    keep at it..

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